20 August 2009

'Welcome Home' for the 'Original' Police Line-up

The iconic trio of The Police -- Sting, Stewart Copeland, Andy Summers -- could not be more famous. But very few remember the name of Henry Padovani, the band's original guitarist. As recounted in Summers' memoir, "One Train Later," among other places, Sting and Stewart ditched Padovani in favor of Andy while the group was still in its infancy. Padovani's Police tenure survived in just two tracks: the single "Fallout" and "Nothing Achieving," which later appeared on the group's Message in a Box career-spanning set.

But Padovani never went completely away. As a performer and executive, the Corsican guitarist has stayed around the music world. In 2006, he recorded a solo album, À croire que c'était pour la vie. The track "Welcome Home" features Sting on bass and Stewart on drums -- making it the first recording of the original Police line-up in three decades.

"Welcome Home," along with other tracks, can be heard on Padovani's MySpace page. How does it sound? Drop a comment here.

Padovani also joined The Police for a guest moment in the lights at the close of their 2007 reunion tour.

Next To You w/ Henry Padovani Police Live Paris 2007 1st row


Jimlet said...

Henri's song is straight-up Serge Gainsbourg and doesn't really need Sting or Copeland, IMHO. He should have a new nickname: "The Pete Best of Post-Punk." His song's not bad, but it's not The Police, and moreso than almost any other band, The Police were a delicious melange of each of the 3 players' personalities. If I recall correctly, Henri played guitar alongside Copeland on the single (which Copeland wrote). And he looked really drunk on the cover art of the version I had :)

Anonymous said...

Like Stewart said in an interview, The Police were never The Police until Andy joined... ;)